Character Feature – ‘Bolt-Thrower’


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Another character feature for you tonight, as the end of the first draft looms. Again, another of the more minor characters to appear in Dragon Line, but important enough to warrant a feature. This is ‘Bolt-Thrower’, leader of a nomadic tribe in Wales. Composed of elements from biking clubs and gangs before the collapse, re-enactors and parts of the Welsh travelling group known as the ‘Kale’, his group are known as ‘The Heathens’: mainly because of their religion, mainly because it sounds good!

The Heathens travel from place to place where they engage in merchant trade, bartering and offering services, which could be anything from farm labouring to mercenary work! The main things they like to trade are food, commodities and fuel (where they can get it!) Obviously, the latter is a real bone of contention in post-collapse Britain, so sometimes they have to go on raiding trips to get it. Seeing as this is mainly available in England, it is more often than not cross-border that they tend to go. On the whole, being Welsh patriots and men of honour, they don’t like to prey on their fellow countrymen – well, not in the north that is! Like everybody else, they have to be pragmatic to survive. And since recent excursions into England have been made more difficult by the arrival of the Ironsides, the situation has become a little more fraught!

Bolt-Thrower is the leader of his tribe. He is charismatic and popular. Handsome looking with long, wiry hair and a goatee beard, Bolt-Thrower is popular with his people and also instantly liked by those who meet him. His background is very much that of the biker sub-culture. He appears a little later in the story, where he and his people provide some invaluable assistance to Patrick and his colleagues.


About Owen Law

My pen-name is ‘Owen Law’ (real name: Nicholas Davies.) I’m a science fiction writer specialising in dystopian/apocalyptic visions of the future. I’m from Shropshire, England (on the borders with Wales) and I’m in my forties. I have a background in public services and training. I’ve been working on my first novel, Dragon Line, since 2008. I’ve also written several short stories, one of which you can find on this blog (‘Matilda Leviathan‘). I now reside on the border of Shropshire and Wales, and my interests include writing (of course!), current affairs and environmental issues.
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