Article Recommendation: Review of a Peak Oil-related film called 'Collapse'

Another article recommendation for you tonight. This one is effectively a review of a film called ‘Collapse’, based on the book ‘Confronting Collapse’. The article, in reviewing the film, asks the question as to whether Peak Oil will cause the complete destruction of the financial system. (In other words, if you though October 2008 was bad enough you ain’t seen nothing yet!)

The film features Micheal C Ruppert, the writer of the original book, in an interview format. Ruppert is a colourful character himself, according to the review, yet his theories are a little chilling. Still, he can be a little over negative all the same! Anyway, the article is featured on a site called ‘Wealth Building Course’ so its not all bad (quite like the sound of that!)

Click the link below to check it out:

Will Peak Oil Collapse the Financial System of the World? by Thomas Herold


About Owen Law

My pen-name is ‘Owen Law’ (real name: Nicholas Davies.) I’m a science fiction writer specialising in dystopian/apocalyptic visions of the future. I’m from Shropshire, England (on the borders with Wales) and I’m in my forties. I have a background in public services and training. I’ve been working on my first novel, Dragon Line, since 2008. I’ve also written several short stories, one of which you can find on this blog (‘Matilda Leviathan‘). I now reside on the border of Shropshire and Wales, and my interests include writing (of course!), current affairs and environmental issues.
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