Friday is for musing…

It’s Friday, and I’m chilling after a hard week. After all the rushing about, its time to step back and reflect, consider the world a bit etc. So, with all this musing going on I thought it might be time to take stock with the novel and how it currently relates to the state of things across the globe. Is everything I have written about starting to come true, I ask myself? After all, the backdrop to the story is post-apocalyptic – linked to Peak Oil and Climate Change. It seems to have taken some time to get it sorted (two years, to be honest!) And I’m now wondering if it all might come to pass before I’ve even had a sniff at getting it published!

Well, in all honesty I reckon (and hope) that the back-story will never happen as it’s meant to be pure fantasy novel. But then again, there is the old saying that fact can be stranger than fiction…

So in terms of the work itself, where I am at the present time? As reported in the previous post, I’ve finished the 3rd Draft. Apart from some small tweaks here and there, and writing a post-script, there isn’t a great deal to do I suppose. So now comes the promotion.

This blog is a start, though it’d be nice to get some more readership. So I’ll see if I can ‘drum-up’ (forgive the pun!) some more interest. Soon, I should be able to get out there and film some more stuff for the YouTube account. Plus I’ve got some other plans. The sky is the limit, so they say!

But from the wider context, a lot of things that have been happening in the world do seem highly relevant. There’s Libya, and the scenes of anarchy there that seem horribly reminiscent of my own vision. Another ‘failed state’ in the making? Another mess that the West is slowly being sucked into? Little wonder, its in the Middle East – a highly dangerous region currently in a state of turmoil and, as we all know, the world’s foremost oil-producing region. The current rise in prices is widely assumed to be linked to the political strife there, as well as increased demand from China and the inevitable ‘poker-tactics’ of speculators in the markets.

However, the argument from the Peak Oil theorists, of course, is that these are merely symptoms not causes of the current rises. This is because they believe that the ‘peak’ may already have been reached (or, at least, is not far away). Its been well reported that the IEA has already declared that global crude oil peaked in 2006. Now, apparently, the IMF has also been getting on the act. Peak Oil-ists argue that the origins of the Middle East unrest lies in high food prices coming on the back of the rise in the price of crude. Still, governments remain in denial and the opponents of the theory pooh-pooh the whole thing. So, I suppose it’ll drag on until the debate swings one way or the other.

Of course, does this mean that if Peak Oil is proved to be correct will it then all be too late? Maybe it’ll turn out to be another ‘damp squib’, but, then again, paying high prices at the fuel pumps isn’t exactly a ‘barrel of laughs’ for most people (again, no pun intended!)

What of climate change? Seems like some are arguing that the earthquake in Japan may have been as a result of melting ice having an effect on tectonic plates. There may be more of this to come. To be honest, though, I find this a little hard to take given that the counter-argument is that it can take centuries for any such effect to take place. But still, we have the problem of the Fukushima plant, upgraded to a Level 7 event this week (like Chernobyl 25 years ago but without as much radiation – apparently!)

So everyone is scared of nuclear power again – just when it was supposed to save us from Global Warming! Well, apparently we shouldn’t put much great faith in that either as the world will also be facing ‘Peak Uranium‘ as well (it’s a rare mineral, after all!)

Bit of a bummer, eh? Well, lets put it this way. Even if all the doom and gloom does come to pass, there’s something worth bearing in mind. Life is always full of hope and joy, whatever happens. Its just a question of where you look for it (and maybe reading my novel might cheer you up, anyway. After all, it’s really about the flame of hope burning brightly!)

Until the next post…

Owen Law

About Owen Law

My pen-name is ‘Owen Law’ (real name: Nicholas Davies.) I’m a science fiction writer specialising in dystopian/apocalyptic visions of the future. I’m from Shropshire, England (on the borders with Wales) and I’m in my forties. I have a background in public services and training. I’ve been working on my first novel, Dragon Line, since 2008. I’ve also written several short stories, one of which you can find on this blog (‘Matilda Leviathan‘). I now reside on the border of Shropshire and Wales, and my interests include writing (of course!), current affairs and environmental issues.
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