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The Daily Mail is possibly staying true to form in trying to debunk Climate Change with this article…but then again, is it? This article suggests that the sun maybe entering a cooling phase due to reduced sunspot activity, similar to the ‘mini-Ice Age’ experienced during the early 1700s. This was when there were a series of severe winters and the Thames even froze over to such an extent that ‘Frost Fairs’ were held on it (no ‘elf and safety to worry about then!!) The suggestion of the latest scientific research into this cyclical process.

Naturally, the paper suggests that this could negate the effects of Climate Change and Global Warming from the 2020s onwards (now that would be nice!) However, even the Daily Mail states that the chances of this could still be fairly thin (about 8%?) and one of the scientists interviewed stated that sun’s cooling will probably be ‘out-stripped’ by Global Warming. So it probably won’t make much difference at all. I certainly don’t think that it should let humanity of the hook in urgently taking action to reduce greenhouse gases before it’s too late!

The New Ice Age by the Daily Mail

Meanwhile, here’s George Monbiot’s view in his Guardian blog on the recent release about New Labour ignoring the advice from civil servants on Peak Oil. Make interesting reading:

Peak Oil ‘Nothing to worry about’ – but Labour knew the real facts by George Monbiot

Also, this economist believes there will be an oil shortage this summer (although he doesn’t believe in Peak Oil):

Could we see a Summer Oil Shortage? This Economist says Yes by Christopher Helman (Forbes blog)

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