Article recommendations: World not prepared for Peak Oil and the new Middle Ages

Some interesting articles for you here. The first is from Ecologist and is a slightly scary report on the fact that world governments are not preparing for Peak Oil. Take, for instance, the recent decision to release emergency oil reserves in order to ease the upward pressure on prices. I thought myself this smacked a bit of desperation! I’m not saying that the current price hikes are demonstrative of the onset of peak oil. Indeed, the official line is because of the problems imposed on the markets by the current crisis in Libya. However, the writing is on the wall. After all, if peak oil is a reality and the effects start to be felt in the next few years, then I think that trying to solve the problem by releasing more emergency reserves is going to have the same effect as King Canute trying to command the waters.

As the article points out, it’ll probably take a major crisis with worldwide civil unrest for governments to get with the programme.

The other article is even more interesting from the point of view of ‘Dragon Line’. I found this one as a result of viewing a comment on the above article. The author suggests that the whole thing could lead to a collapse that preludes the onset of a new ‘Middle Ages’. This is the exact premise of the novel – the creation of neo-feudal system in Britain controlled by competing warlords. Well worth a read if you find subject matter similar to ‘Dragon Line’ interesting…

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Owen Law

Peak oil is ‘getting closer’ but the world is not ready by Tom Levitt – Ecologist

Sunweb: The New Middle Ages


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