More Europeans worried about Climate Change than the Economy

This article throws up an interesting set of stats. It appears that more Europeans are worried about Climate Change than the current economic crisis. This is an interesting one, especially as it could be argued that fiscal Armageddon just being round the corner might be perhaps just a smidgen more pressing than the onset of global warming!

But then again, take the long perspective. If the more dire warnings of climate change turn out to be true (such as the pronouncements of James Lovelock featured on this very blog), then the current debt crisis affecting the Euro arena might eventually become nothing more than a footnote in history.

However, the sceptics could argue that this sudden rise in climate change paranoia could be the result of insipid brainwashing and propaganda by the liberal establishment across the continent. If it is, it appears to have worked then!

But why shouldn’t people be worried about it? There is a considerable amount of evidence stemming from the scientific community that suggests we have a problem. However, it clearly hasn’t worked everywhere because in America the trend is in reverse. There, people seem to be switching off the idea of anthropogenic climate change in droves.

Interesting the divergence in cultural values that are demonstrated here in the very least!

Check out the article below and let me know what you think:

Europeans more worried about climate change than economic crisis by Emma Woollacott


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