Climate Change Report (as reported by the Guardian blog)

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Apologies for the brief update yesterday. Busy times for me in reality, but hopefully it should ease up soon.

My comment yesterday was based on recent proclamation by scientists that the onset of the next Ice Age (the last one was 11,000 years ago) may have been put of for another 150,000 years due to anthropogenic climate change. In other words, us pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. Well, that’s a relief then! We’ve upset the natural balance but at least we’ve won’t be freezing our proverbials off – we’ll just be frying them instead! (Sorry Daily Mail and Daily Express, I just don’t buy all that stuff about a ‘mini-Ice Age’ either. I haven’t seen the Thames freezing over this winter as yet and I bet it isn’t likely too either!)

Anyway, excuse my cynical attempts at ‘wit’ again. I’ll get to the point. This blog article from The Guardian talks about the latest government study regarding the likely effects of climate change on the UK. Apparently, it’s quite lengthy (makes you wonder how much rainforest was cut down to produce it as well – that won’t exactly help matters!!) The results make slightly uncomfortable reading. For instance, it might not be a good idea hanging around in London in the   summers of the 2050s as it could well be 32 Degrees Celsius. Move on to the 2080s (don’t think I’ll be around then somehow!), and you might be looking at about 120 days of the year being 26 Degrees Celsius plus.

Phew! Then there’s all the flooding risks, both in the capital and on coastal areas. A six-foot rise in sea-levels could be disastrous for a lot of people. Of course, The Guardian being The Guardian, it draws attention to the fact that it’s the richest in this country that have the highest carbon footprints, but the poorest will be affected the most severely in such extreme conditions.

Not a great picture, but then it is a serious problem we face. Of course, the report suggests that these things will happen if we don’t take action (what’s at the back of mind is James Lovelock’s warning that it’s already too late due to the fact the earth is a positive feedback system.)

Check out the link to read the article:

Climate change set to hit UK hard and the poorest hard by Damian Carrington


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