US Climate Change Deniers are the new ‘Flat Earth’ society

This article is very much one in the eye for the Climate Change deniers. It seems like they are becoming so desperate in the US that they have started treating any ‘Conservatives’ who accept the Climate Change arguments – based on what is increasingly overwhelming evidence – like modern-day heretics (especially if they happen to be scientists). In fact, their tactics are so harsh that it could be argued that it would be enough to put the Spanish Inquisition to shame. (However, I don’t think they’ve started torturing confessions out of people yet!) It is bullying, plain and simple, and it seems that the problem is occurring the world over.

The truth seems to hurt. And when confronted with the facts, they seem to get more and more entrenched in their dogma. I’d pity them if the stakes weren’t so high – especially as it’ll be our children and grand-children who’ll pay the price for our short-sightedness and plain selfishness.

Click here to read the full article.

Climate change deniers: The science of intimidation by Michael Stafford


About Owen Law

My pen-name is ‘Owen Law’ (real name: Nicholas Davies.) I’m a science fiction writer specialising in dystopian/apocalyptic visions of the future. I’m from Shropshire, England (on the borders with Wales) and I’m in my forties. I have a background in public services and training. I’ve been working on my first novel, Dragon Line, since 2008. I’ve also written several short stories, one of which you can find on this blog (‘Matilda Leviathan‘). I now reside on the border of Shropshire and Wales, and my interests include writing (of course!), current affairs and environmental issues.
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