Scientists now saying Climate Change Denial is a condition that should be treated!!

This little article is slightly amusing. It seems that scientists have been discussing as to whether Climate Change Denial should be viewed as a treatable condition, at a conference currently being held here in London. Now that is funny, in my opinion!

I suspect that the deniers themselves will say that this is just another tactic on the part of the global ‘climate change conspiracy’ to undermine our lifestyles and attract yet more taxpayers’ money for left-wing pet projects. Either that, or its an act of desperation to try to suppress criticism.

Me, I’m very much in favour of free speech and open debate. But have the scientists  got a point? Because, in reality, they’re the ones extracting the data and drawing objective conclusions from it. The logical conclusion is that to deny the results of such analysis when the truth is unpalatable must be some form of mental disorder.

Since science operates on objectivity, what other motive would they have for making up something like Climate Change and Global Warming? (Please don’t tell me its all about budgets and funding. As I’ve stated before, James Lovelock has been an independent scientist for years and yet he has been at the forefront of the whole Climate Change issue since it was discovered!)

Scientists recommend treatment for Climate Change Denial by Michael Stone,


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