A U-turn by James?

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Maybe James Lovelock has finally mellowed in his old-age! This article is perhaps a little heartening to those concerned about the future in relation to Climate Change, but it appears that the venerable proponent of ‘Gaia Theory’ has admitted he might have perhaps been a little too alarmist about the issue. In the past, he suggested that the effects of CC could be quite dramatic over the coming century. He even suggested that most of the globe could be uninhabitable and that only a few breeding pairs of humans would survive in the Arctic by the year 2100.

Now it appears he believes that the rate of warming is not as it should have been in the past 12 years, despite the increasing rises in CO2 (something he still accepts.) This suggests that the expected changes in climate as a result have not been as clear-cut as originally thought. This does not mean he has suddenly become a climate-change denier. He still believes it to be a problem, but that he and other proponents such as Al Gore have been exaggerating the situation. The effects may actually take longer to kick in than had originally been thought.

Apparently, James is also writing another book due out next year, which will discuss how human beings can adapt to survive CC by adopting the same type of role that plants perform by converting CO2 to Oxygen. It sounds like something along the same lines as ‘The God Species’ (which I have still yet to read), and will certainly look forward to its publication.

So, not quite a ‘U-turn’ but more of a qualification of previous beliefs. Good for him for being honest again. As this article states, he is an independent scientist and has no loyalty to any particular institution. So, basically, he can say what he wants.

I wonder what the CC deniers are going to say about this one, though? Interesting…

To check out the full article, click here.


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