21st Century Britain has become a failed state. Climate Change, resource depletion and war have caused the collapse of western civilisation. Regional warlords have gained power and scramble to control the few resources the country still holds. Violent conflict is a frequent occurrence. Now, a new movement – the ‘Ironsides’ – have arisen in the north, modelling themselves on Oliver Cromwell’s ‘Roundheads’ of old. Their growing power threatens to engulf the entire island.

Patrick Kynaston, a soldier and former Police Officer in the service of a New Marcher Lord in Shropshire, stands in their way. Escaping the clutches of the Ironside Army after a devastating battle, he begins a journey that will take him to the limits and beyond of both human endurance and experience, and a quest to bring hope to a broken and devastated land…

Dragon Line – Son of Prophecy is a novel set in a post-apocalyptic future in Britain, against the backdrop of Climate Change, resource depletion and global instability. Though it is SF/Fantasy, some of the events and issues it features are based in reality. Its pretext is historical as well as contemporary.

Other works by Owen Law:

‘Climate Tales: Three Visions of how our World may End’ is a collection of short stories by Owen Law available on Amazon Kindle. Click here for more details.

Owen Law

Owen Law – Writer


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